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Our Donors

Our generous supporters are not simply donors. They are a part of our family and our friends. Together, we share a vision to enrich our community with programs, resources, and supports for children and adults with developmental disabilities and delays.

We cannot thank you enough for your continued support.


Donor Profiles

The Sweet/Polak Charitable Fund

The Sweet/Polak Charitable Fund has been supporters of local and national charities for many years.  In addition to the causes they support, both families believe in addressing the unmet needs of individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities or delays in our community.

The Sweet/Polak Charitable Fund is honored to partner with The SUN Foundation by raising awareness and funds for the 3+ Initiative and hopes to continue this legacy into the future to work towards a better tomorrow.

Don and Nancy Boodel

We give to The SUN Foundation because they have done so much to help our family – we wanted to give back.

Jonathan Decker

My family has always been involved in community philanthropy. We support The SUN Foundation because of the great work they do supporting individuals with developmental disabilities.